Kathmandu: A Blissful, Tranquil and Exciting Journey

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Published: 04th June 2017
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Kathmandu, the capital of a small yet gorgeous country of Nepal, is one of the most sought after destinations of South Asia. Today, it is the epitome of tourism and adventure for travellers across the world.

Nepal, the blissful nation of Asia, is blessed with abundance of stunning nature, culture and religious monuments. The vibrant city is gateway to heavenly beauty and thrilling expeditions. The breath-taking Kathmandu Valley, Pashupatinath Temple, Machchhendrananth Temple, Majestic Himalaya's Everest Base Camp, Shivapuri Mountain, Durbar Square, Budhanilkantha, Thamel and many more are a must-visit.
Home to many ancient heritages, iconic monuments, architectural gems, scrumptious food and playful nightlife, the capital city, Kathmandu, itself is a complete tourist destination. Book your cheap tickets to Kathmandu and unwind your mind, body and soul here.


Pashupatinath Temple:- The temple is a magnificent example of country's culture, ritual and devotion, along with superb architectural brilliance. This pride of Kathmandu and the sacred temple of Lord Shiva, is very significant and pilgrims from across the world come here to seek for blessings.

Durbar Square (Hanuman Dhoka):- The astonishing site is built of palaces, courtyards and temples from 12th to 19th centuries. Today it serves as the social, religious and urban hub for tourists and locals. The square is filled with old wonders that include Taleju Temple, Jagnnath Temple, Kal Bhairab, Nautalle Durbar, Coronation Nasal Chowk, and the statue of King Pratap Malla.

Swayambhunath and Boudhanath Stupa:- Located on a hill, the Buddhist temple of Swayambhunath, is considered to be one the holiest place of the city. It is popularly known as monkey temple and the Buddhist Stupa offers a stunning view of Kathmandu from the top. Boudhanath Stupa is the biggest and oldest Stupa of the nation and centre of more than 45 Buddhist monasteries in the area.

Mountains:- One of the most known attractions of the Nepal is the majestic range of Himalayan Mountains. Tourists from world over come to explore mountaineering, trekking, mountain biking and hiking. The world's highest peak Mount Everest also belongs to this blissful land.

Entertainment and Nightlife:- The casinos of the city are a distinctive feature and a focal point. The action packed thrilling entertainment runs non-stop. Some of the favourite games are the card games and slot machine games, along with poker, baccarat, roulette, pontoon.

Art and Culture:- The rich destination offers several art and cultural centres and popular museums. The diverse museums feature ancient, medieval, modern, archaeological, historical and other heritage displays. The must-visit centres are National Museum and Natural History Museum which is famous for variety of fossils, butterflies, fish, birds, and plants.

Shopping:- Kathmandu is one of the best places to shop for contemporary and traditional handicrafts, trendy clothing, souvenirs and ornaments.

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