Colombo: A truly unique experience

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Sri Lanka is a stunning destination. With its pristine, white sandy beaches, lush rainforests, a calendar full of festivals and events, vibrant lifestyle and a rich heritage, the country is truly a tropical paradise.

There is a reason why tourists easily get lured by the charm of Sri Lanka and its capital city Colombo and plan their vacation to this captivating Asian destination. With loads of beauty and vibrancy around, it is indeed hard to resist a Sri Lankan holiday for a long time. If you are one of those travelers who look forward to experience untouched natural beauty and a seamless blend of multiple cultures, book cheap flights to Colombo and be a part of an altogether different experience.

The country’s capital, Colombo is a commercial and economic hub, yet, at the same time, it presents an interesting mix of races, religions and cultures. It may be small in size, but this seaside town has a whole lot of attractions to its credit. What is really noteworthy about the city is the ease with which the Sri Lankans have embraced the striking contrasts that exist there in people, architecture, beliefs and traditions. There is something that makes the place so special and unique.

International Festivals

Sri Lankans know how to accept and respect different cultures. This is the reason why the country organizes many interesting international events and festivals. The idea is to bring together international theatre, learn from them and enhance their own performing skills. The Colombo International Theatre Festival has acquired enough recognition only in its second year and is considered as a great platform to showcase varying talents and Sri Lankan heritage on the world stage. Countries from different corners of the globe participate in this cultural event.


Shopping in Colombo is a great indulgence. With a range of designer stores, department stores to bustling street side shops, the options are endless here. There is something for everyone in this beautiful city. The prime shopping destinations are Majestic City, Liberty Plaza, Odel, Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct and Arcade Independence Square. Along with shopping you can enjoy other entertaining activities like food, movies and games.


The culinary scene in Colombo is full of fresh and exciting flavours. This is the reason why it is a foodie’s haven. Food is certainly the most important part of a Sri Lankan trip. There are many restaurants across the city that offers rich and tasteful cuisines. These range from the luxurious, classy ones to budget eateries, streetside vendors to quirky joints.

Some of the best places to explore the food culture in the city are: The Gallery Café, Nihonbashi, Zaza and Curry Leaf.

Colombo may be a small city, but it has a lot to offer. Well, what are you waiting for then? Book your tickets to Colombo now. Brightsun Travel offers convenient flights to Colombo at attractive rates. Please visit

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