Colombo: A truly unique experience

08th May 2020
Sri Lanka is a stunning destination. With its pristine, white sandy beaches, lush rainforests, a calendar full of festivals and events, vibrant lifestyle and a rich heritage, the country is truly a tropical paradise. There is a reason why tourists easi... Read >

Kathmandu: A Blissful, Tranquil and Exciting Journey

04th June 2017
Kathmandu, the capital of a small yet gorgeous country of Nepal, is one of the most sought after destinations of South Asia. Today, it is the epitome of tourism and adventure for travellers across the world. Nepal, the blissful nation of Asia, is bles... Read >

Amazing Top 5 Places to Visit in Dubai

15th June 2012
With every passing year, Dubai is becoming more and more popular among travellers all around the world. But what make this Middle East destination so hot and interesting? Is it its shopping scenario alone? No, the answer is the perfect blend of modernity ... Read >

How to survive the party in Las Vegas

21st April 2011
Attending a party in Las Vegas and thereby surviving it is not a cup of coffee for everyone. It requires a lot than you can imagine staying in the league. If you are game for the parties of Las Vegas, then gear up for it, get your online reservation done,... Read >